Are you ready to enjoy the mountains, in the same way the locals have been doing it for generations? Join our walk along the mountain ridge of Olden, enjoying the view of the Nordfjord and the majestic mountains of western Norway.

Bring your family along on our guided mountain trip.We start out in the beautiful village of Olden, in the end of the Nordfjord around 10:00

we walk ups towards the Skarstein Mountain farm, exploring the distant memories of past generations of farming life in Nordfjord. As we walk on the narrow trail, we´ll reach 900 meters above sea level. This means that we´ll be walking on an old glacial platou,  well above the three line. This will give you a new impression of Norway, seeing it the way the Norwegians have been doing for generations. While we´re walking on old forgotten trails, used only by the locals, you will truly know what it´s like to be a part of Norway.

We´ll walk past several small rivers of clear melting water, lakes and view points on our way towards Innvik.The decent in Innvik opens up a new spectacular view, following the Nordjord towards The North sea. The trip should take us around 4 hours, walking in a comfortable pace with plenty of time to stop, enjoy and create memories for you and your family.

we can also make a 2 day trip of this experience, bringing a tent, and establishing a base camp next to the Lake Honn, around 800 meters above sea level. This gives you the possibility to experience the sunrise above a Norwegian Fjord. This is truly a magnificent sight, experienced by only a few people. We have tents, sleeping bags, clothing, food and everything you need to spend the night out in the wild.

  • ‍Duration: 4 hours
  • ‍Distance: around 9 km
  • Difficulty: Easy/ Medium
  • Children: down to 12 years old (depending on the child.)
  • Price: 1070 kr pr person, included al the required equipment
  • Price for the 2 day version: 1900 kr pr person, included equipment